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Viewsat Ultra Lite Complete Satellite Package

This motorized FTA system includes Viewsat's best selling free to air satellite receiver.

It includes the Viewsat Ultra LiteFTA receiver, Winegard 31" satellite dish, self powered dish motor, a dual output linear FTA LNB, FTA Installation CD-ROM, Upgrade Cable, 4x1 DiSEqC Switch, and FREE Online FTA Forum Access.
This complete package features the wildly popular Viewsat VS2000 Ultra FTA receiver and will provide digital free to air satellite reception for the USA, Canadian, and Caribbean markets.

This is Viewsat's most powerful and newest model that includes all the same features as the Viewsat Xtreme, but adds a blazing 200 MHz processor, 32MB of SDRAM, a USB port for firmware upgrading, new on-screen user interface, a redesigned larger universal remote, and a built-in satellite smart card reader for current and future upgrades.

      Viewsat Ultra Lite, Retail $199.99
This is Viewsat's most powerful and best selling unit. It includes a USB port for easy software upgrading, 32MB of SDRAM, satellite card reader built-in, and a universal remote.

    Winegard 31" (76cm) Satellite Dish, Retail $119.99
This package includes the #1 rated satellite dish brand. It features baked enamel grey finish and a universal feed support for all types of LNB's including the best Invacom Quad.

    Dual Linear FTA LNB, Retail $49.99
This package includes a dual output LNB that receives low frequency satellites like T5, AMC, Galaxy, Intelsat, and more.

    Digipower SG2100 Dish Motor, Retail $109.99
This is a fantastic motor that will allow you move your dish from the receiver remote. Powered by the cable from the receiver.

    FTA Installation CD-ROM
Contains the latest step-by-step setup instructions for all the popular free to air receivers and satellite systems.

    Upgrade Cable, Retail $14.99
Allows you to upgrade the FTA receiver's operating system with the latest firmware and channel list.

    4x1 DiSEqC Switch, Retail $14.99
Allows up to 4 different satellite sources or 4 satellites dishes to be connected to one free to air satellite receiver.

    Free Online FTA Forum Access
No charge, lifetime access to the Internets most popular online free to air forums, chat rooms, and communities.

Total Retail Value: $509.94, Our Price: $329.99

Power Supply
Type    SMPS
Input Voltage    AC 95V~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Fuse Rating    250V/T2A

Input Frequency    950 ~ 2150MHz
Input Signal Level    -65 ~ -25dBm
Input Impedance    75ohm Unbalanced
Connector Type    'F' Type Female
LNB Power Supply    13V/18V, Max 350mA with Short Circuit Protection
22KHz Tone    Frequency 22 +/- 4KHz, Amplitude 0.6 +/- 0.2Vpp
DiSEqC    1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS(1.3 Compatible
Channel Selection    PLL Frequency Synthesizer

Type    QPSK Demodulation
Symbol Rate    1 ~ 45 MS/s
Inner FEC    Viterbi Convolutional Coding
Rate    1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Outer FEC    Reed Solomon Coding(204,188) T=8

Video Decoder
System Decoding    MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-2
Profile and Level    MPEG-2 MP@ML
Data Rate    1~15 MB/s
Video Formats    4:3((Normal) & 16:9(Widescreen)

Audio Decoder
System Decoding    MPEG-1 ISO/IEC 11172-3 Layer I & II
Audio Mode    Mono, Dual, Stereo, Joint Stereo
Sampling Frequency    32, 44.1, 48 KHz

Audio/Video Output
Audio Output    2 RCA Cinch (1 on Lite Model)
Video Output    2 RCA Cinch
Digital Audio    1 S/PDIF Optical (Platinum & Xtreme)
S-Video    1 S-VIDEO
COMPONENT    3 RCA Cinch (Xtreme)

RF Modulator
Modulator Output    CH3~4
Video Type    NTSC
Output Connector    'F' Type Female
Ant. IN Connector    'F' Type Female

Serial Data Interface   
Signal    RS-232 Max. 115200 bps
Connector Type    9 Pin D-Sub (male)

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