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VisionDTV USB-Sat (StarBox)

StarBox is an exquisite digital TV box, which offers an easy installation of USB & an amiable user interface; you can enjoy satellite TV in digital quality simply by your PCs or notebooks. Also, StarBox brings “Internet via Satellite” to your PC (service provider subscription required). You can enjoy surfing Internet at high download speed & never suffer from any delay! Software bundled with STARBOX: * VisionPlus Drivers * VisionData (for internet via satellite) * Cyberlink PowerDVD 5 Digital FTA USB External Satellite Receiver Main Feature • Sharp appearance and easy plug-n-play installation With exquisite and sharp appearance, TwinhanDTV StarBox provides an easy installation by USB plug-n-play. The high speed USB 2.0 transmission provides superb video quality without ghost and snow. • Watch digital satellite TV on your PC Receive free-to-air digital satellite TV and digital radio station on your PC. TwinhanDTV Sat is aprofessional DTV receiver, which brings digital satellite TV and radio to your PC. With TwinhanDTV Sat, you can experience the high definition & crystal clear video quality (HDTV) easily through your monitor. • Listen to digital radio Enjoy the digital satellite radio stations in stereo & playback any time you like. The audio effect is near CD quality. • High speed Internet via satellite To use "Internet via satellite" service, you need to have an account from satellite Internet serviceprovider, plus an account with a local Internet Service Provider. First, you connect to the Internet via your local Internet Service provider. Secondly, you log on to your Satellite Internet provider. If you are sending a request for a specified web page, the request goes via your local provider to the Satellite provider. They will retrieve the Internet data and send this specified web page via Satellite back to your Computer. The download speed depends on the satellite ISP provider. • Direct Burn into DVD Direct record your favorite TV programs into DVD format without saving them in hard disk in advance.Just press “Record” button and software will start to burn live programs into your DVD. When the program ends, the DVD making is finished. • Wake Up Scheduled Recording Just set your recording schedule in advance, the computer will execute the recoding job automatically even your PC is in sleep mode! Feature List • Digital TV & Radio receiving (DVB-S) Watch digital satellite TV programs on your PCs Listen to digital stereo radio Support DiSEqC 1.2 & USALS • High Definition & Crystal Clear Video Quality Support HDTV receiving 4:3 & 16:9 selectable aspect ratio Experience best video quality at high resolution up to 1080i • Internet via Satellite DVB data service High download speed via satellite bandwidth • Personal Video Recording Instant & schedule record programs as MPEG II format Wake Up Schedule Recording Direct Burn into DVD Time-Shifting • TV Function SAP (Language option) Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Transponder, region, and Frequency range Auto Scan Multiple Frame Capture Parental Control Password Multi Channel Preview Favorite List Hot Keys • Others Video Quality Adjustment Full function Remote Control DVB Teletext Specification Tuner • Input Terminal: F-type 75 Ohm • Receiving Frequency: 950~2150 MHz Tuning Range • Input level: -65~-25dBm • Carrier Capture Range : ±5MHz • Ambient Temperature: 0°C to +70 °C • Support MCPC and SCPC QPSK & FEC • Symbol Rate: 2~45Msps • QPSK filter: Root-raised cosine filter with roll-off 0.35 • Punctured codes: 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8 and Auto LNB & Switch control • LNB Supply Voltage: 13V/18V with Short Circuit Protection • DiSEqC: 1.2 • Support Data Burst & Tone Burst • Antenna and LNB Control: 22KHz Tone • Max. LNB Supply Current: 400mA USB Interface • Universal Serial Bus 1.1 / 2.0 Standard • B Type USB Female Connector De-multiplexing • Max No. Section Filtering: 32PIDs • Engine: Hardware • Stream Capture: PES &TS A/V Format • Video Format: MPEG-II Main Profile& Main Level • Audio Format: MPEG-II Audio Layer I & II System Requirements • Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP • Microsoft® DirectX9.0C or later • Microsoft® Windows® Media Player 9.0 or later • P4 2G MHZ CPU or above • 256MB RAM or above • VGA card with at least 32MB memory • Sound card or on board sound chip • One free USB 1.1/2.0 port * • Digital Satellite Dish & LNB * Note: When your USB port is 1.1, you could not receive HDTV format TV programs. Retail package • TwinhanDTV StarBox • Infrared remote control with AAA batteries • Infrared remote control receiver • Quick Installation Guide • Software CD (Multi-lingual application software and User’s manual in PDF format) • USB cord
Price : US$ 95.00

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