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CaptiveWorks CW-800S with Wave Frontier T55 Satellite Dish

Product Information

This stationary satellite package includes the CaptiveWorks CW-800S PVR FTA receiver, Wave Frontier T55 satellite dish, and three circular M20R LNB’s. This stationary package is designed for those that want to point to multiple circular satellites at the same time. Up to 8 LNB’s is possible.

This package features the CaptiveWorks CW-800S FTA receiver and will provide digital free-to-air satellite reception for the USA and Canadian markets. This receiver is PVR ready and has USB 2.0 host support.


  • USB 2.0 Host Support(MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer)

  • PVR Ready

  • Component Y/Pb/Pr Output

  • S-Video Output

  • Optical & Coaxial Output for Digital Audio

  • 6,000 Channel Programmable

  • Original Unit NOT a Clone


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Price : US$ 409.99

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