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CaptiveWorks CW-800S MOTORIZED Package #1

Product Information

This motorized satellite package #1 includes the CaptiveWorks CW-800S PVR FTA receiver, the top-rated 31 Winegard satellite dish, SG2100 self-powered satellite motor, and a dual linear LNB.  A motorized system allows you to move the dish to any satellite you choose with the remote control.

This package features the CaptiveWorks CW-800S FTA receiver and will provide digital free-to-air satellite reception for the USA and Canadian markets. This receiver is PVR ready and has USB 2.0 host support.


  • USB 2.0 Host Support(MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer)

  • PVR Ready

  • Component Y/Pb/Pr Output

  • S-Video Output

  • Optical & Coaxial Output for Digital Audio

  • 6,000 Channel Programmable

  • Original Unit NOT a Clone


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Price : US$ 309.99

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