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Analogue Ternado DG2388 TV Tunner Card

Analogue Ternado DG2388 TV Tunner Card    


* Watch TV on your PC, * autoscan channels, * OSD Fanction,

* Channel Rename, * Favorite TV channels editing, *

* Hot key to control TV CH up/down & vol =/-

* TV chanel finetune +/- , * VBI support Teletex,

* Supports Teletex Decoding, * No Additional cable required
for VIDEO pass Through.

TV / Video Display:

* Full Motion display, * Resizable video window from free
size to full screen,

* Full screen display: Max resolution up to 720x576, *
Supports overlay mode to get the best quality,


TV/Video capture:

* Full motion video capture up to 30 fps, * Still image
snapshot format BMP,

* Video capture format:AVI, MPEG-1/2/4, DVD, VCD, MP3,

* Video capture size up to 352x288 (AVI), 325x240 (VCD
NTSC), and 322x288 (VCD PAL).

Digital Video Capture:

* Capture and display video from Digital Video (DV)

* Record video info into MPEG-I or MPEG-II and AVI files, *
Camera control via GUI.

FM Radio Reception

* Auto Scan FM channels.


Price : US$ 29.99

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